Happy-Go-Wrong | Andi Snelling

Happy-Go-Wrong | Andi SnellingPhoto – Darren Gill

Searing words, focused choreography, bin liners and the struggle of living with lymes disease.

Director Danielle Cresp teams up with Andi Snelling once again for another self devised piece that blurs the line between theatre and dance. I personally found this work to be simpler and less layered than Snelling's past productions but nonetheless moving.

More of a self biography of recent times than a narrative story. The audience is taken on a journey of what it means to become truly unwell and the effects it has not only on the body and mind but relationships, friendships, social status and practicing ones own craft.

The Burrow is an excellent choice of venue for this production providing an intimate setting for a very intimate work. The lighting is simple and works well, keeping the focus on this innately passionate one woman performance.

This new work from Andi Snelling plants her firmly back on the stage after a 3 year hiatus. As always her incredible physicality makes every movement throughout the piece a delight to watch.

Sometimes meta, sometimes character driven, the action constantly changes throughout the work but always remains embodied and alive. Slow to start this piece warms up exponentially midway and leaves the audience engulfed in a furnace of vulnerability and raw pain from the performer.

There our many takeaways one can get from this piece, most notably the power of perception of ones own circumstances.

2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival
by Andi Snelling

Director Danielle Cresp

Venue: The Burrow | 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC
Dates: 14 – 29 September 2019
Bookings: melbournefringe.com.au/event/happy-go-wrong


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