Make me a Houri | Emina AshmanLeft – Emina Ashman

Emina Ashman transports us into a place of limbo, a potienally eternal pitstop to paradise. Which for the audience serves as a gateway into another life.

A women trying to become an houri brings to light issues of religion, doctrine, faith, salvation and men. Each of these topics is dragged into this burning light and through the use of rhythmic writing scorched until the garish husk of its truth juts out.

At some points it was just two girls talking about boys in retrospect which slowed the piece down. Other moments were profound insights to vulnerable deep seeded traditions and displacement in society. 

A spiritual set design and soundtrack help move the audience to this other world but the lightening could have been used more effectively.

An enlightening piece of work that leaves permanent visual imprints in ones mind through the use of language and lived experiences.


La Mama presents
Make Me A Houri
by Emina Ashman

Directed by Stephanie Ghajar

Venue: La Mama Courthouse | 349 Drummond St, Carlton VIC
Dates: 25 July – 4 August, 2019
Tickets: $30 – $20
Bookings: 03 9347 6948 |

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