360 Allstars | Onyx ProductionsPhotos – Matt Loncar

360 Allstars is a spectacular show. Everything works to make this show a truly Allstar event from individual performances to combined efforts, as well as the shows production and choreography.

Each performer has talents that will thrill you and leave you wanting more. Put them together under the direction of Gene Peterson and you have a show that will blow your socks off.

B-Boys Leerok and Sette are introduced through the creative guise of a video game. The B-Boys battle it out with explosive moves competing to see who will win the title.  

Bravo Delbeke can spin, bounce, roll and juggle balls like I’ve never seen before. He also introduces the first hints of slapstick as he engages with the crowd and then plays a game of press-the-button which results in more and more basketballs being added to his act.

If it is wheels you are into, then don’t take your eyes off Peter Sore on the bike or Rhys Miller the roué Cyr artist. Sore on two wheels and Miller on one – both are remarkable. 

The tension that comes from the high-stakes acts is splendidly by humour and high production value. 

Last but not least Beau Monda needs a shout out for his abilities. He keeps the music live and his beatboxing fills the Opera House auditorium as it gives the cast the musical platform it needs to perform.

An all-star cast is shining brightly in this 360 Allstar show. If you get the chance to see them don’t miss it. You might have to wait till they return from their world tour, or go find them. It’ll be worth it.

Sydney Opera House presents
360 ALLSTARS Return

Director Gene Peterson

Venue: Sydney Opera House | N/A
Dates: 7 July 2019
Tickets: $45 + $8.50
Bookings: www.sydneyoperahouse.com



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