The Illusionists | The Works EntertainmentLeft – Kevin James. Cover – Mark Kalin. Photos – Mark Turner

The Illusionists is a Broadway smash hit that continues its success live at the Sydney Opera House. It is a boisterous and entertaining show. Old tricks are given new life, new illusions raise the bar and a brilliant cast make their alchemy felt.  

The Trickster, Jeff Hobson, has a wicked sens of humour and he is not afraid to use it. With bedazzling attire and personality he steers the audience through the show using his greatest tricks, quick wit and sagacity.  His interactions with audience members elicited bellows of laughter.  From reluctant audience members to cocky hecklers, Hobson never missed a beat. 

The Inventor, Kevin James brings a quieter more elusive kind of magic to his performances. He does not forgo the louder theatrics and mystifying illusions but he balances his act with a magic that whispers of fairy tales and wonder. For one lucky young audience member James conjured up a rose and a bird. It was beautiful to watch as the young girl delighted in his mastery and the magic he wove for her lit up the whole room.

If you want your magic rambunctious and baffling then The Mentalist, Chris Cox has got you covered. With a contagious energy Cox astounds the audience with his ability to mind-read. Audible gasps peppered his act as he tapped into the lives of theatre-goers. Cox is fun, he is vibrant and jubilant but don’t let that fool you, his magic is marvellous.

The Illusionists is a jam packed show with so many moments of masterful magic. Heat will be felt from flames as an old Harry Houdini trick is performed by The Daredevil, Jonathan Goodwin. An intricate and awe inspiring card spectacle will leave you wanting more from The Manipulator, An Ha Lim. While The Conjuress, Jinger Leigh and The Showman, Mark Kalin, join forces to perform optical illusions. 

The Illusionists is a fun show that will enchant audience of all ages. It is well balanced and the journey is a joy. I am still mulling over the mechanics of tricks in my head. In fact that maybe the audience’s mantra – ‘How did you do that?’

The Works Entertainment presents
The Illusionists: Direct From Broadway

Venue: Sydney Opera House | Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW
Dates: 19 – 29 December 2018
Tickets: $59.00



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