Randy’s Anti-Crisis

Randy’s Anti-CrisisAs we entered the theatre the stage was set with a small alter and there were candles grouped on either side. Whilst the audience got seated there were solemn hymns playing. A cowled figure knelt before the alter. Then the figure stood revealing himself to be the purple faced one.

Randy was his usual obstreperous self, loudly proclaiming the newest of religions – The Gospel according to Beryl or Berylism.

His missionary travel has thus far only covered Adelaide and Perth but he will continue this journey, I believe, to cover all of Australia and then perhaps the rest of the world!

Randy managed to skewer a lot of issues in his anti-crisis rant. Not that he intended to put down Buddhism, Christianity or indeed any of the religions. “No, on the contrary", he stated frequently, his was a "broad church”.

With entertaining asides like the image of George Michael spinning on a rotisserie in the flames of hell and a few words of advice for Tom Cruise re Scientology, Randy cut a swathe through philosophy in general.

There was an extremely entertaining whisk through time, covering the development of mankind, involving shadow puppetry.

Various members of the audience were quizzed as to what they had put in the religion box for the 2016 Australian census. Jo and Jonathon had left it blank. However she had a sort of Buddhisty thing going!

The packed crowd was very responsive to Randy’s message. The story of his conversion to Berylism was told in detail. He had been in hospital for 6 weeks and then someone took out his spleen. A spleen, we were informed is an organ which, rather like a night club bouncer, sifts bad micro-organisms out of your blood.

From there Randy guided us through country op-shops and on to white middle class privilege. Quoting from the Book of Beryl, Randy forecast her return and what she was going to do to us when she saw what a mess we’d made of the world.

Randy ended the show with a surprise. It was a tour de force performance. Hilarious and devilishly clever.


Laughing Stock Productions presents
Randy’s Anti-Crisis

Venue: State Library Theatrette | State Library of WA, 25 Francis St, Northbridge WA
Dates: 8 – 11 February 2018
Tickets: $35
Bookings: ticketmaster.com.au

Part of 2018 Perth Fringe World



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