Hero Complex | Sammy JSammy J is a force to be reckoned with. His live-wire, angular energy could prove exhausting but for the excellence of his clever scripting, impeccable timing and light witty musical interludes.

In this show a string of co-incidences that defy belief, lead him from an adolescent adoration of comic book hero, the Phantom, to conclude with the Federal Police searching his attic. Hero Complex proves that truth can be way more bizarre than fiction.

Even as one is tempted to think that Sammy J has taken huge artistic licence with this tale, veracity is proven as one of the main characters (not the Phantom!) takes to the stage in person. It’s none other than Duncan Munro, the school gardener who identified with young Sammy J’s Phantom hero-worship. We were told this was only one of two times the former school gardener was in attendance at one of Sammy J’s Hero Complex Australian tour performances. His he-man, square-jawed, personal appearance brought the house down! Sammy J is not the only one who has made enormous career steps from humble beginnings. The once school-gardener has enjoyed several exciting career moves since he quietly befriended our young Phantom-fan friend in this delightful coming of age narrative. Meanwhile Sammy J has embraced a musical comedy touring career, family and an occasional deviation into shameless souvenir crime.

Hero Complex is both clever and charming. Sammy J’s nifty, neatly rounded off story satisfies with a wealth of endearing detail.

2017 Perth Comedy Festival
Hero Complex
Sammy J

Venue: Studio Underground-State Theatre Centre
Dates: 18 – 21 May, 2017
Bookings: perthcomedyfestival.com | 132 849

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