The Magic Inside | Peter and Bambi HeavenAsher Treleaven and Gypsy Wood were in top form as they pranced and posed as Peter and Bambi Heaven. To quote the media release “the most deluded dancing magicians.”

Having seen these performers previously I was keenly anticipating a hugely and ridiculously funny show. I was not disappointed.

The audience was with them from the get go; cheering, clapping and joining in positive affirmations with “I like myself!” and even singing along.

Bambi had a barely controlled desire to show us her breasts which lead to some censure from Peter. She was after all Miss Cage Dance Universe OZ in her former career. Having decided to present a variety show they had auditioned acts from all over the Queensland countryside, but as the quality of these acts was so low (“dog shit”) they decided to all the acts themselves.

There was a taste of everything from the gum chewing cowgirl who line danced with two exceptionally enthusiastic male audience members to Achey Breaky Heart. Thence to mime artiste in a Marcel Marceau style lycra leotard. Actually all the costumes were brilliant and often very revealing.

There were Ninja Wizards who juggled, and cut apples into halves and sliced zucchini with a lethal looking sword. Of course there were mishaps aplenty including pratfalls, dropped props and semi-strangling magic cape removals.The audience was in hysterics.

Sincerely avowing their devotion to conservation Woods introduced an act by Treleaven called The Great Barrier Reef involving toy sea creatures and a giant net.

Having found comedy gold in an audience member called Kim, a man who had been married for almost 40 years, Treleaven slipped into his leather strides (not easy with boots on) and dedicated We’re in Heaven to Kim and his wife and, of course, to the lovely Bambi.

In another persona, a witch in a sheer black negligée, Woods levitated Treleaven horizontally and then hypnotized him to sleep.

After a round of thunderous applause and foot stamping Treleaven donned a leather jacket and the pair gave a riotous dance routine to an AC/DC soundtrack.

Sadly this was their final show for the Fringe so I won’t give Box office details. But we can live in hope they visit us again next year. Their routines were excellent and their comic timing impeccable.

World At Night presents
Peter and Bambi Heaven, The Magic Inside

Venue: Circus Theatre | Fringe Central, Perth Cultural Centre, Perth WA
Dates: 31 Jan – 6 Feb 2017

Part of the 2017 Perth Fringe World Festival


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