2CellosThink cello – you know, that gorgeous ‘classical’ string instrument with the melancholy tone that conjures up images of love-struck swans? And then think ‘ACDC’. Combine the two and you have the mind-blowing, weak at the knees making, heart throbbing duo of Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic – aka 2Cellos. Add the Sydney Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Guy Noble and an astonishing young drummer and get ready for an evening of the most exciting live music entertainment on offer.

The first half of the evening offered one heartbreakingly beautiful movie theme after another, introduced by Stjepan in a very husky bass voice and sophisticated ‘European’ accent with just enough tongue in cheek humour to indicate a slight impatience with the ‘beauty’ of it all. The pieces were played with great artistry and musical sensitivity and were a suitably suspenseful tease for what was to follow. The use of differently coloured lighting for each new song – red to green to purple etc – added to the seductive mood. I almost got to the point of thinking ‘ok, enough now with the movie tunes, time to strut your stuff with some ACDC covers!’ when 2Cellos launched into the theme from ‘Game of Thrones’ accompanied by some ‘thunder’ sound effects. This piece served as a transition between the beauty of the movie themes and the rawness of the hard rock that was to follow. After leaving the stage briefly to fetch their extremely cool electric cellos, 2Cellos returned and launched into the most exciting performance that I have witnessed on stage at the Sydney Opera House in a very long time.

The second half of the concert was devoted to rock covers and the audience was in raptures from the moment Stjepan shouted out ‘Hey Sydney, are you ready to party?’ The guy is a genius. Not only musically speaking, but also in his ability to handle an audience. This rock star God of the cello, accompanied by his equally amazing and drop dead gorgeous partner in cello crime and accompanied by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, had the audience up on their feet, clapping their hands above their head and singing out their favourite ACDC hits. We even witnessed some of the famous ‘lie down on the ground and rock it on the cello whilst laying on your back’ antics as well as the famous hop across the stage on one leg duckwalk whilst playing cello – a tribute to ACDC’s lead singer Angus Young. I don’t think I have ever had this much fun or witnessed so much energy at the Opera House before.

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, 2Cellos said: "We have a rock audience, classical audience, metal, pop – everything. We unite them all" – and this statement sums up the power of these guys. Thanks to their incredible ability as musicians and showmen they are able to embrace many musical genres and make classical music freaks love rock and vice versa. The ability to do this is significant and should be harnessed by music educators the world over to bring music to all people regardless of stereotypes regarding ‘taste’ in music. The music of 2Cellos unites young and old, classical music lovers and rockers alike – if you missed them this time around be sure to see them when you get the chance.

Nice Events and Soundworks Touring
With The Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Venue: Sydney Opera House
Date: 4 December 2016
Tickets: $109.40 – $159.40
Bookings: www.wearenice.com.au