Magical Ice Festival | Disney on IceThrow together humorous sea creatures, evil stepmothers and sparkling princesses twirling on ice skates and singing beloved Disney songs and you have Disney on Ice – a foolproof formula that has ensured its success around the world.

Compered by Micky and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, this year’s production included songs and characters from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and, of course, Frozen.

Sebastien the crab warmed up the crowd before Ariel made her appearance and “Under the Sea” featured up to 30 glowing sea creatures in incredible costuming, including glow-in-the-dark jellyfish. Tangled was up next and for those not familiar with this movie, the songs and dialogue were an entertaining introduction to the characters.  

After a 15 minute intermission during which the merchandise stands made a tidy profit (think plastic snowflake Frozen wands for $35), the show continued. It was nice to see an older Disney movie like Beauty and the Beast still being appreciated. Again, the costuming was wonderful, with Belle gliding across the ice in her blue and white dress and the Beast stomping around in his blue velvet pants and red cape. “Be our Guest” featured ice skating knives and forks and plates. 

The ice-skating throughout was remarkable, full of technical expertise and dramatic flair, despite the challenges some of the costumes would have presented. Maximus the horse and Sven the reindeer both required an extra level of skill, with two skaters per costume.

The show ended with Frozen, which translated perfectly for Disney on Ice, and there was a touching scene with the sisters skating across the ice with snow falling around them. Much-loved snowman Olaf sang “In Summer” and every child in the arena sang along with Elsa to “Let it Go”.

While it was fast-paced and varied, the producers did an excellent job of telling the stories in a short time, getting the audience into the moment before moving on.

They chose the most familiar tunes and episodes, weaving them together with moving sets and instantly recognisable costuming.

Disney on Ice is a spectacular production and my three year old daughter was spellbound, sitting on the edge of her seat without moving for the entire performance. The highlight for her? “Sebastien waved at me.”

Disney On Ice presents
Magical Ice Festival

Venue: Perth Arena | Perth WA
Dates: 2 – 6 Jun 2016
Tickets: $88.19 – $32.11

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