Perth Comedy Festival GalaLeft – MC Rhys Nicholson

It’s always an unknown when you buy tickets to a show like the Gala, because the cast is not announced beforehand. There would have been very few disappointed punters with this comedy line up.

The MC Rhys Nicholson was terrific. He was pacey, smart and had a nice line in self-deprecation .As he bounced around the stage in his glittery jacket he dispensed hints on holding together a long term relationship. He and his boyfriend have lasted 5 years and counting.

He introduced Tommy Little who gave the audience useful travel tips such as learning at least a little of the local language and put a new spin on the aphrodisiac qualities of oysters.

Luke Heggie was extremely amusing as he pondered the possible alternatives to the traditional male “test”, the anal probe. If we can explore space and create marvellous inventions why can’t we come up with something better than the probe?

Neel Kolhatklar mused about being “brown”. He is of Indian descent. Kolhatkar explored racial stereotypes to good effect.

Famous Sharon was in very good form. Her use of local references endeared her to the audience. Her unshakeable confidence in her own talent is remarkable.

Ray Badran started his act by explaining exactly what kind of comedy he did but that gag segued into a wonderful shaggy dog story about his brother picking him up at the airport. He is a gifted raconteur.

Frank Woodley is a physical comic and he was in excellent form. His examination of models on the catwalk was priceless. Waiting for them to fall and relishing it when they do.

Stephen K Amos is a top drawcard. His shows are consistently funny. He has been coming to Australia for years now and his observations about Australians are clever. His observations on his Nigerian/South London heritage drew applause.

Craig Hill danced onto the stage clad in a denim kilt and sporting a large sporran. He is from Glasgow. Hill interacted with some audience members in the front row to great effect. He has a talent for accents and his South African and Welsh ones were very funny indeed.

Daniel Townes had some pithy one liners. It is unusual in these days of monologues and long stories to hear someone tell actual jokes. His take on bad parenting was acute.

Becky Lucas, the only female comedian on the bill was seemingly a little unsure at first but she warmed to her theme and finished with a hilarious riff on sex while wearing a backpack.

American Dom Irrera mined comedy gold with his take on customs and regulations that apply when you come to Australia. The extended take on “Did you pack your own bags?” was fun.

Larry Dean, another openly gay Scot, mused about gay behaviour and behaving in a camp manner. His dinosaur impression was outstanding.

Steve Hughes an Australian who has lived oversea for some time remarked upon the prevalence of leaf blowers and power tools before 7am. His comments about the size of Australia and how to remedy this situation were very well received. His material on self-evident names for things and places in Australia was blisteringly funny.

Each comedian brought something new to the stage and as a whole the show was excellent value for money. A highly satisfactory Gala.

Perth Comedy Festival presents
Perth Comedy Festival Gala

Venue: Regal Theatre
Dates: 27 April, 3 & 10 May 2016
Tickets: $69.90 – $89.90

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