Cirque Adrenaline has been thrilling audiences the world over with its international family of circus thrillseekers. With acts such as The Sphere Of Fear, The Extreme Team and The Wheel Of Death, you kind of know the kind of show you're in for.

Bringing a little grace to this particular circus show is world-reknowned French-Canadian contortionist Sabrina Aganier. Her ability to bend and twist her body is utterly freakish, but also mesmerisingly graceful. If what she does on the floor is weirdly beautiful, you can only imagine what happens when she is hanging high in the air in the air in a hoop.

Australian Stage caught up with Sabrina to ask what we can expect from The Melbourne season of Cirque Adrenaline.

Sabrina AganierHow did you become involved with Cirque Adrenaline?
I guess they wanted a weird girl who can bend her back in half at the same time as flying in the air and spinning! Ahah! Contortion in the air is something different that not a lot of people can achieve…it’s a natural talent on my side. I was lucky to be born like this and now I have the chance to share this double-joint body with the world in this very special show, where all the acts have something absolutely breathtaking to give. This show is all about blowing your mind away. I am happy to be that kind of artist who will just keep you wanting to see more and more!

What can you tell us about the show?
We are Adrenaline… Lots of risque and thrilling emotions. Just like when you ride a rollercoaster – you never know which turn it’s going to take!

Tell us about your role in the show.
I am doing the first act in the show. My act is very poetic and lyrical. It’s a hypnotic moment in the show where your mind just doesn’t understand the movements… like a spiral with no end! I love my music, it brings me so much emotion and I hope the public gets the passion I want to give them. I love my number and I want to share it.

Is your performance very different to previous performances in other shows? If so, in what ways?
Physically: music and costume are different. It’s a very elegant and endless act that I am performing in this show. I breathe and enjoy every minute of it. I take the time to show the ‘’contortion’’ side of a human body that isn’t suppose to be made to bend this way.

One aspect I really enjoy with the best circus shows is the camaraderie and teamwork on display. What can you tell us about these aspects of Cirque Adrenaline?
We are like a big family backstage and on stage. We are strong together and I think that’s a very important aspect in a show to make it absolutely fantastic for the public…We are true in our emotions and we live all of them together. I didn’t know anybody in the show before coming to this contract and they welcomed me like I had known them forever. We are all living far away from our real family so we had make a new one on tour and we care about each other as friends.

Yours is a reasonably unusual occupation. What do you think you might be doing if you hadn't succeeded in your chosen path? 

If I wasn’t a contortionist, I would probably would have continued my studies to become a veterinary! Totally opposite thing! I am so happy I have discover that talent in me and so grateful to be able to travel the world because of it.

Who are your artistic inspirations with regard to your profession?
My coaches were my inspiration and all the Cirque shows that I saw when I was young. I remember the feeling of wanting to be on stage just like them.

If Cirque Adrenaline was a song, which would it be?

It makes you believe that everything is possible in life – you will see things that you never saw before so I would say a song that sound like We Will Rock You.

Have you been to Australia before or is this the first time? Your impressions?
I love Australia. I have been there few times before and I am always super happy to know that I will come back. You have everything to be happy and smiling about everyday and I feel people are living the ‘’moment present’. Being happy!


We should come along to experience Cirque Adrenaline because...

You will remember it the rest of your life.

Cirque Adrenaline plays the Arts Centre Melbourne 1 – 10 April 2016. For bookings visit

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Top right – Sabrina Aganier. Photo – Darren Thomas

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