Beyond Reality: Magic and Illusion is a great show for the whole family, especially if you’re relatively new to mag

I’m a voracious consumer in this genre and so I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing some fantastic close up magicians and some world class illusionists. Peter Paxx and Andrew Lee have been blessed with big crowds in the Perth Town Hall, which is a testament to how much audiences love seeing something we don’t get a lot of in Perth.

There were a couple of prop and wardrobe malfunctions on the night I saw the show, which removed all mystery from the levitation trick and the magic rings trick. This was a bit of bad luck that will probably be ironed over the next couple of performances.

I was familiar with the way that most of the other tricks were done, so the sense of wonder and awe a first timer might get, was lacking for me. What I was looking for was exciting stagecraft and charisma, which is key to developing a magic act. Paxx and Lee did have some humorous moments, and some great audience volunteers, including a trick especially for the kids.

My major objection was the opening act which used doves. The artists assured us that no animals were harmed in the act. And sure, they weren’t killed, but unless you believe that the doves magically appeared out of thin air (spoiler alert: They didn’t!) then you must accept that they were restrained and shoved inside the sleeves and pockets of the magician, then abruptly removed by misdirection and sleight of hand. Magicians and their tiny assistants are constantly stuffing themselves into impossibly tight cavities, but to do it to birds is unfair in my opinion.

I enjoyed the interpretation of the “multiplying bottles” trick and would have loved to see more new and creative scenes like this one, which used Siri as a character.

Although it might need just one more layer of polish (and free the doves!) the response from the crowd afterwards was excited and baffled by the magicians’ dexterity, which I’m sure is exactly the desired reaction for all parties.

AL Artistry presents
Beyond Reality: Magic and Illusion

Venue: Perth Town Hall | 601 Hay St, Perth WA
Dates: until 21 Feb 2016
Tickets: from $18

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