A British InvasionAn ever changing line up of the best and brightest British comedians, A British invasion, is a degustation of several ex-pats stand-up routines while they tour the Melbourne Comedy Circuit. Our host whom himself is a heckling Northerner is intent on making the front row audience members feel as uncomfortable as possible, much to the delight of those of us tucked safely away in the back rows.

Telling stories of school yard bullying, parenting issues, and the strange Australian currency, (why is the $2 coin smaller?!) the line up chooses their best material for and hour of great laughs and the pleasant aural experience of a lilting British accent.

Luisa Omielan amuses with piece from her show “What Would Beyonce Do?” as she professes her frustration at women’s inability to accept a compliment and their own bodies. Proud of her imperfections as they are a reminder of “a good time” Omielan nails body acceptance and female empowerment without the saccharine “Girl Power” message of the 90s.

Dan Willis a recent Australian permanent resident shines as he compares Australian politeness to the British aggression and amuses with his cyber-bullying piece that is both cringe-worthy and all too relevant.

A British invasion is much like many of the other “Best of British” shows that are on earlier in the evening and are perfect for those punters who are indecisive or just looking for a quick insight into the comedy festival without committing to a whole show.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, A British Invasion is sure to entertain and still have you home in time for dinner.

Red Violin
A British Invasion
Venue: The Red Violin | 14 McKillop St, Melbourne
Dates: 25 Mar – 18 Apr, 2015
Tickets: $15 – $25
Bookings: www.tixnofee.com

Part of the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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