An Evening With Sammy J & RandyNever been a big fan of comedy involving puppets. I mean, puppets are for kids, aren't they? That's obviously why this show has an early time slot – so the puppet-loving kiddies can get their comedy fix, right?

I had ignored this comedy act for ages for this very reason but accidentally caught them at, I think, the MICF closing night a couple of years back. It could have been the opening night... these things tend to smoosh together in a wobbly blur sometimes. Whatever it was, there they were, and they were funny. And not the least bit suitable for kiddies.

I'm also not a big fan of comedic songs, so this show potentially didn't have a lot going for it for me. Alas, I thoroughly enjoyed it and won't hesitate to see them again.

If you haven't seen an actual performance, you will probably have seen them around. Randy is that ugly, purple, bug-eyed Muppet looking thing while keyboard playing Sammy J is less ugly, less purple and less bug-eyed.

The songs cover such themes as audience late comers (Fuckers Are Late), a kidnapped funny bone, one very long phone call made from prison, cross wired love, a horse called Nellie and much more. All genuinely funny to this comedic-song-hating punter. There is banter about horses flying helicopters, a particularly and hilariously complicated hybrid game called Chebble with its anarchic rules. And proving their love of words, there was a very funny section made up of a dialogue of alliteration between the two telling a story of very wrong love. It was complex and clever and they didn't fluff their lines once. Still on word play, there was a 'metaphor-off' that was extremely silly fun, as was the laugh auction.

Naturally, there is no escaping the fact that Randy is a puppet, complete with all the physical restrictions that come with being a puppet. These limitations are put to good use both by Sammy J and Randy himself. Whoever is operating Randy (I don't think this is a ventriloquist act... if it is, Sammy J is freakishly talented) does an impressive job. Even so, Randy does break out of his confines once or twice to very funny effect.

The show ends on a song called either The Perspective Song or Soon You'll Be Dead. Either way, it was a song about putting things into perspective because – you guessed it – soon you'll be dead. A funny song that allows the pair to vent about the kinds of people they don't like, but also a song with a message that is a universal truth. More comedy with wisdom.

Mainly, though, this is just a bloody funny show from a brilliant comedy duo. I don't know their history, how they met, which of them suggested doing a comedy act or which of them writes their best material, but I'm glad it all came together. Funny is funny, even if it does involve an ugly purple bug eyed puppet.

Laughing Stock Productions presents
An Evening With Sammy J & Randy
Sammy J & Randy
Venue: The Hi-Fi | 125 Swanston St (opp Town Hall), Melbourne
Dates: 26 Mar – 19 Apr, 2015
Tickets: $39.95 – $30
Bookings: 1300 660 013

Part of the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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