Sarah Young's Magical Murder Mystery TourThis is stand-up comedy with a difference. Based on the very real and very macabre theme of serial killers, this might not be everyone’s idea of a great night. But I loved it. The venue (Ramen Room at The Noodle Palace) was perfect because it was a dark, small tutorial room that only seated about 40 people. Because it was so intimate, we all felt included in the act and unafraid to contribute to Sarah Young’s Magical Murder Mystery Tour.

A couple of highlights were completely unscripted moments. The first was when we had just started listing the characteristics of what we thought a serial killer would be like, and we came up with a list which included white, male and moustache. Just at this moment, a latecomer opens the door to the room and sneaks in quickly. You guessed it, he happened to be a white male with a moustache and I jumped as he came running for me, only to walk right past me and sit in the back row. An unfortunate (or fortunate as the case may be) coincidence.

The next unscripted joy was when Young was disturbed by muttering from the back rows. Thinking she might be being heckled she enquired about the disturbance, to which a few of us replied: “There’s a spider coming down!” Startled, she looked around her, clearly expecting to see a highly venomous, hairy fiend threatening her from above, when our cries of “front row” caused the gentleman in front to duck just in time to avoid a teeny weeny little thing from landing on his head. Young took this moment to tell us how soft we all were: “You guys aren’t ready!”  She said. “Ready for what?” I wondered, and all was soon to be revealed.

Young’s show was multimedia interactive and she had obviously spent countless hours researching this project. She was very careful to make the show about poking fun at the dumb things the serial killers did and how they were such jerks. She maintained respect for the victims and steered clear of anything distasteful.

The humour came from the absurdity of the crimes and past or present society’s way of reporting and investigating them.

As I mentioned, it might not be everyone’s cup of warm cocoa and bedtime story, but Sarah Young has a talent which is finding momentum. Check her out if you’re into that kind of thing.

Sarah Young's Magical Murdery Mystery Tour
Sarah Young

Venue: Noodle Palace at Central - Ramen Room | 19 Francis Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: February 11 – 14, 2015

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