10,000 | Ellandar Productions10,000 is about a couple trying to hit restart on their relationship. AJ and Edie are attempting a weekend getaway in a hotel as a last ditch effort to rekindle their will to stay married, if only for the sake of their daughter.

There is an impressive team behind this production. Co-writers and performers Jessica Messenger and Nick Maclaine, have a swag of awards, theatre, writing and production credits between them. Messenger and Maclaine underwent intense fight training under the tutelage of the undisputed master of fight choreography in Perth, Andy Fraser. They display their skills with confidence and the swordplay is quite convincing.

The premise of the story is actually quite relatable because we’ve all been in relationships that ended up in the “last chance saloon”, as Maclaine calls it. Sometimes that final attempt to connect is centred around sharing time and building a common interest, like playing video games. But, that’s where this play’s connection to reality ends.

The couple get sucked into the game and are absorbed by the characters within. Time after time they die, kill each other and get reborn. The best moments were the witty one-liners and the physical comedy where they emulated the movements of the gaming characters.

Taking into account the props, costumes and sound cues, it’s a very technical show that will benefit from the development gained by repetition and further seasons both in Perth and potentially at other Festivals.

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights & Ellandar Productions present
by Jessica Messenger and Nick Maclaine

Venue: The Blue Room Theatre Studio | Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: 3 – 7 February, 2015 
Bookings: www.fringeworld.com.au

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