Band of MagiciansAs if they stepped out of a fashion catalogue, the quartet who compose Band of Magicians – Justin Flom, Justin Willman, Nate Staniforth and James Galea – look, talk and act completely different than any other visual illusionists out there.

With the exception of the intro, the show was devoid of stereotypical laser, smoke and half naked magician’s assistants, it was obvious that Band of Magicians was going to take an alternate route to entertaining an eagerly awaiting Melbourne audience at the Crown’s Palms theatre.

Sharing some magic secrets and showcasing an array of familiar tricks, gave the audience the illusion (yes, pun intended) of a somewhat predictable show – this of course was intentional so that the performance could experience a crescendo of sorts, and gradually increase its ooh-ah factor to a full-on awe level, causing the attendees to burst out in cheer.

Besides performing as a team, each one of the magicians also dazzled with their own solo mini-gig. Some included audience volunteers for card tricks and the such, but in Willman’s case, his chosen participant was Siri on an iPhone, proving that technology can be used as a clever tool in magic.

The self described “boy band of magicians” who proclaim to use their powers for good instead of evil, successfully morphed their different styles into a hilarious and awe inspiring show. That magicians are talented in executing slight of hand tricks is a given, but that they can also be fabulously funny while doing it, that is a breath of fresh air. Band of Magicians are truly the whole package.

Band of Magicians

Venue: The Palms at Crown Melbourne | 8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC
Dates: 7 – 17 January 2015
Tickets: $69 – $49
Bookings: 1300 795 012 |