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It’s not easy for the modern day woman to remain poised and pristine in challenging situations; monstrous wildlife, unpredictable elements and a lack of toilet paper all must be contented with in Glampingwith Bobby and the Pins.

The all female vintage barbershop quartet are perfectly in tune as they battle the wilderness with nothing more than their Prada heels and several cans of Spam. Running from the law, Bobby Blue has tricked her companions into joining her on the glamorous camping misadventure in an effort to remain undercover and pull off a glittering jewelry heist.

All four “Bobby’s” have a unique personality and bring another layer to the performance. Much like their flawless harmonies, the Bobby’s are a four-part act that blends together perfectly in a humorous and musically advanced performance.

With the current popularity for burlesque and vintage glamour in the Melbourne arts scene, many artists are sporting pin curls and ruby lips in an effort to capture the nostalgia of the 40s and 50s. A “Golden Age” of entertainment, Hollywood movie stars and classic songs, Bobby and the Pins evoke the essence of this sepia toned time in history in a true tribute to the musical greats of yonder.

The musicality of the Bobby’s is simply outstanding as each plays her role with authenticity and accuracy. It is rare to see such a polished accapella group performing in a cabaret setting and it is to the Bobby’s credit that they keep the audience entertained with a kitsch script and camp (pun intended) humour.

An easily enjoyable piece, the glamping glamour’s are great fun and exceptional musicians who will make you question your next camping adventure, and perhaps advise you leave the hot rollers at home.

GLAMPING with Bobby and the Pins
A cabaret camping adventure 

Directed by Merophie Carr

Venue: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place, Off Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD
Thur 3 – Sun 6 July 2014
Tickets: $28 – $23

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