A Delicate SituationPhoto – Chris Herzfeld

Dance, lighting, theatre, movement, puppetry and sound all combine to make this remarkable presentation one to think about and remember.

From the opening ominous roar and chant of the soundscape by Hardesh Singh, as silken white fabric drapes move mysteriously and rise and writhe, it is immediately apparent that this is something different. Director and choreographer Lina Limosani has created what is accurately described in the program as “a chilling and visually enthralling piece of contemporary Australian and Malaysian dance theatre”.

Cultures around the world and through time have found ways of personalising Death. While necessarily a dark subject, it resonates with anyone who has ever considered their own mortality. Fear, anticipation, avoidance, mystery – all are brought to mind in this production, as the two performers, Australian Carol Wallman Kelly and Malaysian Suhaili Micheline Ahmad Kamil, entangle themselves with memories personified as white disembodied heads, with each other, with moving furniture and silken sheets, and with the ghost of Death itself which finally enwraps them.

We see the allegorical decline of confidence and the swelling tide of fear in the initially self assured and in-command person, with clever interplay of light and shadow, and perfect synchronicity of mime, as she loses control and submits to inevitability.

The inspired lighting by Neil Jensen is fundamental to this production, as is the meeting of cultures that demonstrates the commonality between all humans, sharing the transience of life: a production that should be seen, heard, felt and experienced, to celebrate cultural differences and inevitable similarities, and for the sheer beauty of movement and mystery that such theatrical experimentation can offer.

Adelaide Festival Centre presents
Directed and choreographed by Lina Limosani

Venue: Space Theatre | Adelaide Festival Centre
Dates: May 22 – 24, 2014
Tickets: $38.00 – $32.30
Bookings: www.adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au

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