The Late Night Sexy Show with Grant BuseOne-man band and triple threat Grant Busé invaded the Burlesque Bar in with his unique brand of musical comedy.

Hailing from Queensland, the adopted Melbournian has graced the stage in professional musical theatre productions across the country and has now turned to performing his self-devised comedy to eager audiences.

Debuting at the Burlesque Bar, with the help of the incredible Annabella Mozzarella and Clara Cupcakes and their exceptional burlesque performances, Busé kept the crowd entertained with acoustic remixes, most notably “the booty song,” an ode to the female behind.

Playing on his talents as both a dancer and singer, Busé provided a cheeky striptease at the beginning of the performance and included a variety of costume changes (of the underpants variety).  While he kept proceedings light, with somewhat naughty compositions, (“The things that make you go ooh”) the musical comedian had a more serious tone in his political/religious rant “hypocrite.”

A clever mix of pop music and well-written comedy, Busé is remarkable talent and one to watch on the Melbourne comedy scene.

The Late Night Sexy Show with Grant Busé

Venue: The Burlesque Bar, 42 Johnston St Fitzroy
Date: November 8, 2013
Tickets: $25