Two of a Kind Starring Katie and Maggie Noonan

Two of a Kind Starring Katie and Maggie NoonanHaving been a fan of Katie Noonan since she was the leader of pop/rock band George in the late 1990’s, seeing her sing live is always a treat.

Having performed preciously with her brother Tyrone in the aforementioned George, Noonan is no stranger to working with her family and in Two of a Kind, Katie is joined on stage by her mother, Maggie Noonan. The classically trained opera singer who has travelled extensively throughout Australia and Europe Maggie has won many hearts with her extraordinary renditions of the world’s most renowned arias.

Accompanied by Stefan Cassemonos on piano, the two songbirds sing their way through the musical melting pot, blending Katie’s jazz and pop tones with Maggie’s classical power.

These two voices, both so incredible in their own right are stunning when joined in a duet. Both in perfect harmony as only a mother and daughter can, Katie’s clear voice and extensive range is astounding, while Maggie brings the operatic edge to Hamer Hall.

Katie and Maggie are an exceptional duo of Australian talent both together and apart, and the love and respect these two musicians’ have for each other and their craft is truly an inspiration.

Arts Centre Melbourne presents
Two of a Kind Starring Katie and Maggie Noonan
Venue: Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall
Date: Monday 22 July, 2013
Times: 11am and 1:30pm




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