Tommy Dean is CuriousHaving seen and enjoyed a more politically-charged set from this relaxed performer it was interesting to see him simply charm the room with engaging observations about Australian life. The 720 Perth Astor Lounge was crammed with patrons of all ages more than ready to lap up his affable style. If that sounds a bit simplistic rest assured that Dean is a consummate master of timing. He can make a comparison of K Mart and Coles hilarious!

Demonstrating remarkable flair he interacted with audience members, berating latecomers and toilet goers alike but was never exploitative or cruel.

Dean is master of the “shaggy dog” ramble and can change tack time and again before neatly wrapping up his original storyline, sometimes a full 10 minutes later.

There were clever characterisations of his American parents (gun toting Dad from Arizona) and Mom (dimly unaware of the geographical vastness of Oz) – "I think I’ll take the car and drive to Ayres Rock. Be back in time for tea."

He demonstrated genuine affectionate delight in sharing family exploits; the truly identical twin girls, to the point of not being able to decipher which was which. His, his wife’s perplexity at Australian light switches going down not upwards to operate! A plethora of small observations, deftly handled.

It was a cold and rainy night in Perth, the kind that makes one query the wisdom of an evening out. But upstairs in the Astor Lounge the climate was sunny and funny.

Perth International Comedy Festival presents
Tommy Dean is Curious

Venue: 720 ABC Perth Astor Lounge
Dates: 2 – 5 May @ 9.15pm; Sunday @ 8.15pm
Tickets: $29.50 – $24.50
Bookings: | 9370 5888  

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