Something For KateIt's been six years since their last album, 2006's "Desert Lights," and five years since they went on their last national tour, so the public has been waiting patiently (if not a little anxiously) for Something For Kate band members Paul Dempsey (vocals) Stephanie Ashworth (bass) and Clint Hyndman (drums) to come out of hiding; as evidenced by this weekend's sold out shows at Fly By Night club.

The last time I saw these guys play was at Big Day Out, in 2004, and while it's almost a decade on, they haven't lost any of the quality that made albums like "The Official Fiction" and "Echolalia" so popular. If anything, Dempsey's voice, (which has always had a kind of whiskey and cigars quality about it) has improved with age, lending extra stubstance to the grittier songs in Something for Kate's collection.

For a band that has such a loyal fan base, there was a surprisingly mellow vibe last night, which Dempsey addressed by saying that the band "generally seems to attract a theatre crowd," which, ironically, got the loudest response of the night. It might have been the weather - FlyBy can get almost unbearably stuffy when it's packed out: that, or the fact that people were just anxious to catch everything the band had to say after being out of the spotlight for so long.

Dempsey has always been a talented lyricist, and new album "Leave Your Soul to Science," (which comprised the majority of the set list) is no exception. Although they revisited classics, such as "Déjà vu," "Monsters" and "Cigarettes and Suitcases," it was great to hear songs from their latest offering, especially when the majority of them are as tight as current single, "Survival Expert."

Perhaps the extended break has done them good: I just hope they don't go missing for another five years.

Something For Kate

Fly by Night Musician Club | 1 Holdsworth St Fremantle
Dates: 27 - 28 October, 2012
Tickets: $40
Bookings: 08 9430 5976

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