Denise Scott RegretsA mainly mature-age crowd packed the delightful open air courtyard of the Fremantle Arts Centre eagerly awaiting the comedienne who refers to herself as Scotty. They were not disappointed. Denise Scott was in excellent form.

She bounced onto the stage with a brilliant disco dance segment to the boppy hit Eagle Rock. Breathlessly she announced that was a re-enactment of her dance style in 1972...and also at a party last week! She worked the crowd for over an hour, weaving an hilarious tale, ostensibly about her youthful romance with Robbie Buckle, but also including jibes about aging, being fat, her long-time partner John, scrunch perms with a myriad of witty asides.

Already unusual, being a stand-up comic who is a woman in her mid fifties, Scott's material consists largely of anecdotes, mostly self-deprecatory in nature. Regrets is based around the premise that being a good Catholic girl, she didn't have sex with the aforementioned gorgeous Robbie Buckle at the age of 16. Would life have been better if she had?

A natural storyteller Scott waxed lyrical about other regrets, such as spending $260.00 on a pair of Miracle jeans and where the fat goes when you put them on. She regrets not being able to play the ukulele, (which she later does quite passably) and she regrets offending people. Cue to some crushingly awful and hilarious things she's said onstage.

But back to Buckle and the "bush beat" dance at Eltham High. She may not have had sex with him but a lot of people have and years later in an amazing coincidence, she meets a large number of them at a "chook meet" in bush fire devastated St Andrews.

Scott reminisced about the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow tour she undertook in the far north of WA. She produced a postcard from Carnarvon labelled Aspects of Carnarvon featuring 4 views of a banana palm and an, IN THE EVENT OF A CYCLONE, safety sheet from the Port Hedland hotel room - "this reads like a novel from Stephen King."

Denise Scott Regrets won the Director's Choice Award for the 2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival, also picked up the 2011 Helpmann Award for Best Comedy Performance. It's not hard to see why! She is a raconteur extraordinaire who can see the funny side of every adversity. Particularly recommended for women over 50. But marvellously funny for all ages and genders!

Denise Scott Regrets

Venue: Fremantle Arts Centre
Dates: 24 & 25 October 2012
Tickets: $35.00 Concession $30.00 

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