Jamie Oehlers QuartetIt's a well known fact that Melbourne is a hot bed for musicians, artists, actors and anyone with a creative flair to express their talents to appreciative audiences. None so more than the jumping jazz culture that inhabits the city, bringing a thumping beat to tiny café's, run down bars or spectacular concert halls and band rooms that rival New Orleans.

There could be no better setting then for the much loved Aussie muso Jamie Oehlers, than the unassuming Bennetts Lane, arguably Melbourne's most famous jazz club. Here, the saxophonist extraordinaire launched his latest album, Smoke and Mirrors to a home town audience.

Joined by the Jamie Oehlers Quartet; Tal Cohen (piano), Jacob Evans (drums), and Phil Stack (Bass), the club was turning punters away at the door as more and more fans tried to squeeze in to hear the foot tapping, heart thumping sounds of the famous foursome.

Performing a mixture of songs from the album and keeping things fresh with a few new tracks, Oehlers and his crew were in their element, grooving to their own rhythms and creating something extraordinary for the audience.

Oehlers plays as though the saxophone is merely an extension of himself, a fabulous musician to both watch and hear, he is a wonderful storyteller and has a deep love for jazz that is evident in the way he plays.

Pianist Cohen was nothing short of spectacular, his epic solo's were a feat for both mind and body as his hands practically flew over the keys in a stunning arrangement taken on by a master of his instrument.

Melbourne loves jazz, and in return jazz loves the city back. It is a unique relationship and fits in perfectly with the buzzing, bumbling vibe. For Melbournians all dance to their own beat, a thrilling mishmash of eclectic food, music, fashion and art, where anything is possible and everything goes. With their funky beats and exceptional musicianship, the Jamie Oehlers Quartet is a perfect example of the eccentric and gloriously loud city of Melbourne.

Jamie Oehlers Quartet
Smoke and Mirrors

CD launch

Bennetts Lane | 25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne
Date: 19 August, 2012
Tickets: $10 – $15
Bookings: www.bennettslane.com
Visit: www.jamieoehlers.com

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