The Fabulous SinglettesPhoto – Pierre Baroni

The Fabulous Singlettes
may look like docile housewives from the 60s. Then they open their mouths. There's too much talent and too much cheek to be kept inside, and it comes pelting out in incredible vocals, naughty and often downright dirty jokes, and delightfully daggy gaffs and dance moves. And somehow they pull this off with pizazz, outfits and hairdos impeccable at all times. These women really can multi-task.

The performers who bring us The Fabulous Singlettes have changed over the years, but we're lucky enough to have one of the original girls with us for the Melbourne Cabaret Festival – the founding lady herself, Naomi Eyers. It's such a delight to see her work the stage; her confidence, spot on timing and ability to nail slap-stick humour with a straight face and innocent expression are all to be marvelled at. From the beginnings of the trio in 1986, Eyers pursued a successful solo career on the West End, performing a wide range of jazz, rhythm and soul. Her voice is powerful, beautifully rich and full of character, and girl, she knows what to do with it.

Perfectly complementing Eyers' dark brunette look, Melissa Langton is the buxom blonde and long-time member of this trio of fabulousness. I didn't think I could love Langton more – then I discovered she was part of The Fabulous Singlettes when they played the three sisters in the version of Pirates of Penzance starring our very own Jon English, immortalised in 1994 for adoring generations to come.

Langton brings her brilliant theatricality to the stage as boldly as ever, and delights herself in shocking her audience into hysterics. Men sitting on the aisles... beware. Everyone else – watch for flying confectionery. Anything can happen with these ladies!

The youngest member, brought into the fold in 2008, is the gorgeous Diane Dixon. While Eyers brings the wisdom and talent of age, and Langton brings the hammed-up humour, Dixon provides the beauty and insincere innocence of (slightly more) youth. A delightful edge of her Motown history shows in Dixon's delicious voice. While brilliant when she takes the spotlight, she also plays the perfect back-up girl – and that's not meant as a backhanded insult! This show really captures the art of the girl group, with each member consummately playing her role to create a balanced, detailed whole.

The girls are supported by a live band who obviously love the show and their own roles. They provide the ideal musical backdrop for the Singlettes to traverse two decades' worth of pop hits, sliding seamlessly from one to the next like they morph through their costume changes. From the Supremes to Aretha to Abba, covering hits like 'Lady Marmalade', 'I Am Woman', 'Leader Of The Pack' and 'Do Wah Diddy', The Fabulous SInglettes take us through a whirlwind of music that delights their whole audience, from teenagers to grandparents. The very best of the 60s and 70s, and some of its very worst, lives on splendidly, and even if you're not a huge fan of the era, you'll love this exuberant display of amazing vocals, fun humour and all-round talent.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival Presents

Venue: Chapel Off Chapel

Dates: Thursday 19, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 July 8pm

Tickets: $50

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