Impersonators Burlesque at the Wesley AnneLeft – (l-r) Lady Mmm, Jaggerbowie, Adelaide Everheart, Rod Lara, The Cunning Clarissa and Pixie Elixir. Photo – Tania Gioffre

The burlesque revival is alive and kicking in Melbourne. Venues like Red Bennies and the aptly named Burlesque Bar have long been enjoying the retro resurrection in the art of tease and now Northcote's Wesley Anne has jumped on the bandwagon, much to the delight of patrons.

Twisting the original concept of tease is The Cunning Clarissa and her rag tag crew of burlesque impersonators, who take on the image of some of the most loved celebrities of the past 60 years and strip them to their undergarments (if not more!)

Opening the show with the immortal Elvis, Claire Bowman embraced her inner King and was every inch the pelvis thrusting, booty shaking dreamboat the world adored. Joined by the impossibly beautiful Adelaide Everheart, whose turn as screen star Audrey Hepburn gave a tantalizing display on how sometimes it's more alluring to put on clothes rather than remove them. A true burlesque star, Everheart nailed the beauty icon's poise, glamour and sex appeal without a single nipple slip.

Joining the troupe for the first time was John Frankland as the androgynous Jagger-Bowie. A remarkable voice, Frankland was one of the most popular acts of the evening with his impromptu striptease most appreciated by the audience.

Scattered throughout the evening was the presence of Lady Mmm, a tribute to Marilyn MonroeMmm's rendition of "Happy Birthday" was as adorable as it was seductive and her talent could've been used far more throughout the performance.

Closing the evening was the incredible Rod Lara and his seamless impersonation of the late great Michael Jackson. Lara's exceptionally precise choreography embodied the king of pop and was a stark reminder that while he may be gone, MJ is never far from our minds, or our hearts.

An eclectic mix of talent, the group put on an entertaining and eventful night out, well worth bracing the cold Melbourne winter for.

Impersonators Burlesque at the Wesley Anne

Venue: The Wesley Anne, 250 High Street Northcote
Date: June 24, 2012
Tickets: $22
Bookings: Tix at the door

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