Puppetry of the Penis 3D

Puppetry of the Penis 3DI left Puppetry of the Penis with an aching jaw and a slightly sick feeling in my stomach. Probably not an uncommon reaction to that much penis – close up and in 3D!

Before seeing the show, I didn't really know what 'genital origami' was. I now feel educated – nay, enlightened.

Delighting Melbourne for the first 3D season of the show are Nacho Regal and Sammy Longfellow, the new generation of talented puppeteers. These boys are hilarious, terrible and full of fun. Their show is well-rehearsed yet they maintain a carefree, bantering tone. For a show that is mostly just two naked guys playing with themselves in front of several hundred applauding women, it's no surprise to see that they're having a ball. Times four.

The inclusion of the 3D technology is surprisingly effective. Now, something you could only see dimly from the back row jumps out to meet you on the large screen. The boys work well with the film aspects, sometimes letting it take the attention but always using it to enhance their, uh, natural talents.

This is probably the silliest thing I've ever seen on stage. I took my husband along – yes, it was voluntary on his part – and he enjoyed it at least as much as I did, and I suspect even more so. For women this is a learning experience; men however can appreciate it on a more personal level. Thus the show works for everyone!

It was disappointing that during our second "audience participation segment" no men were brave enough to volunteer to be taught The Hamburger. Now THAT would have made the night. But nudge as I might, there was no way on this earth that my man was going up there. The puppetry boys find the line between 'confronting' and 'just too far' and gleefully jump over it. I'd love to be there on a night when they get a guy up there.

The boys themselves are talented entertainers and natural goofs. They take nothing seriously, most of all themselves. This Wednesday night audience was disappointingly disengaged; I think 7pm was too early for that much penis for most people. I hope their audiences in the coming nights are more vocal! These boys are working hard to entertain us, and they deserve some response. Don't hold it in – you'll feel better if you scream, and they'll love it too!

A List Entertainment
Puppetry Of The Penis 3D

Venue: Athenaeum Theatre | 188 Collins St, Melbourne
Dates: 17 – 22 April, 2012
Times: Tue-Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm
Duration: 70 minutes
Tickets: $35 – $30
Bookings: Ticketek 132 849 | 9650 1500 | at the door

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