Gavin Baskerville is Hanging in There

Gavin Baskerville is Hanging in There
Photo - James Penlidis

It's a rare breed of comedian who can create stories filled with one-liners, casually link them together, wrap it all up into a theme and make it appear like the entire show is off-the-cuff. Gavin Baskerville has mastered the art of creating the illusion that no work went on behind the scenes. He's the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of stand-up, with half a square meter of space... and no Ginger.

Gavin Baskerville is funny. His material is funny. His delivery is funny. And his face is funny. Maybe that's not the nicest thing to say about someone, but some comedians just sort of, you know, have a face that makes you want to laugh. Convenient really. Baskerville is the whole package.

Gavin Baskerville is Hanging in There is a combination of pithy observational humour and the story of Baskerville's ten year history in stand-up. The ground he covers is broad, and the ten year anniversary angle is dealt with in a refreshingly unexpected way.

If you're a Gen Xer, Baskerville's jaunt through the 70s and 80s will likely render you desperate for air, as will his approximation of an Aussie bogan. His predictions for the human race and his willingness to delve into some of Australia's more serious human rights issues with obvious passion while still providing the belly-laughs is quite remarkable. His take on Jesus' miracles is reminiscent of Rowan Atkinson at his best.

One of the reasons Baskerville is so good at what he does is because of the cleverness of his material combined with how likeable he is. He creates a genuine intimacy with his audience; if he pulled you up on stage it's likely you'd go happily because it would feel like you were helping out a mate.

Gavin Baskerville is Hanging in There is everything you expect from great stand-up comedy. The bonus is you get something unexpected along with it, and for no extra cost. Get yourself to Baskerville's show post-haste.

Ta-Daa Professional Entertainment presents
Hanging In There
Gavin Baskerville

Venue: Three Degrees | QV Square, Cnr Swanston & Lonsdale Sts, Melbourne minutes (Licensed venue. Under 18s must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian)
Dates: 28 March - 21 April, 2012
Times: Tue-Sat 9pm  
Duration: 55
Tickets: $18 - $15
Bookings: | At the door

Part of the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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