The Lords of LuxuryThree maestros of radio and one of the web come together in this hour of skititular power. The names DeBuff, Ryan, Saraceni and Verhoeven don't really roll of the tongue, but watching them is like having a tongue gently licking your ear; you can't help but squirm a bit, and giggle.

Perhaps think of that Monty Python sketch, 'The Four Yorkshiremen', where they sit around in tuxedos, smoking cigars, telling tall (hilarious) tales. This is kind of similar. At least as far as the tuxedos go. In fact, I would pay big money to see these four gents against those four gents in a cage, having a West Side Story-style dance fight to the death.

And don't they all look snappy in their tuxes! If you've ever had a fascination for finding out what the body behind that sexy radio voice looks like, now's your chance! The grins are big and shiny, and just standing together in a line, the foursome look like a gypsy Il Divo revival group, ie. ready for comedy.

Their show is replete with spot-on, witty, and off-the-cuff raillery. And plenty of other stuff too. Their skits are random, playful, and packed-full of personality. They interact with the audience easily and commit impressively to some risky material.

But the boys are at their best when they're spontaneous, goofy, or humiliating each other. These things, happily, occur frequently. I shouldn't give it away, but I can't imagine that the way Big Matty the gangster deals out his punishment will ever get old.

Go see The Lords of Luxury before they slip through your comedy fingers*, because LOL. Seriously, LOL.

*Not my gag.

2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival
The Lords of Luxury

Venue: Adelaide Town Hall – Prince Alfred Room | 128 King William St, Adelaide
Dates: March 1 – 17, 2012
Tickets: $24.0 – $15.00

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