Cat Stevens musical to premiere in Melbourne

It was announced today that Moonshadow, a new musical written by Yusuf, featuring the music and lyrics of Cat Stevens/Yusuf, will make its World Premiere at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne, in May 2012. This $5 million production will have an Australian cast and creative team other than the director, Anders Albien from Sweden.

Embarking as a young singer-songwriter in the sixties and with 60 million records sold worldwide, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) has enjoyed one of the most unique careers in pop music history. With an incredible fan base in both East and West, appealing to audiences from all walks of life - young and old, worldly or spiritual - the prospect of a new musical conceived by him and spanning his amazing catalogue is a dream come true. Yusuf has chosen Melbourne for the global Launch of Moonshadow as he has a strong connection to the city through family and friends.

Through his much loved songs and music Moonshadow will take the audience on an incredible journey with a magical story of a young man and his moonshadow's struggle against the oncoming of darkness. As the night planet prepares for the big blackout by the death of the Moon, the odd duo battle to overcome the hidden enemy, in search for the mythical land of the lost sun ... and everlasting happiness.

Moonshadow is about themes that are both powerful and universal. It’s about hopes and dreams; greed and power; right and wrong; but most importantly Moonshadow is about happiness and love.

Moonshadow weaves together exciting new songs with Yusuf's most famous and beloved classics from his expansive back catalogue. With hits around every corner, such as Father and Son, Wild World, Morning Has Broken, Peace Train, and First Cut is the Deepest, this musical will not fail to send audiences out happily singing the songs they know so well.

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