Tom Tom CrewThe sheer energy that drives the pounding beats and intense rhythms of Tom Tom Crew is infectious, and will leave you breathless. The crew, who have been touring internationally since their sold out shows at the 2007 Adelaide Fringe Festival are all home grown talent and have taken their personal brand of hip hop/acrobatics and phenomenal beat boxing to adoring crowds across the globe.

This crew, led by founder Ben Walsh hosted the evening that promised an exciting mix of physical performance and musical genius backed by the scratching sounds of DJ’s, percussionists and artists.

Joined by Tom Thum, (the Tom of the crew) Australia’s premiere beat-boxing champion, Thum was a veritable symphony of sounds. From Louis Armstrong to Michael Jackson, Thum created an entire orchestra with the power of his voice. How he found space in his throat to fit so many different sounds, voices and instruments will amaze and baffle me for as long as I live.

Joined by the talented acrobatic stylings of Shane Witt, Daniel Catlow, Ben Lewis, David Carberry, Jamie McDowell and Mali De Goey, the Tom Tom Crew tumbled, flipped and contorted themselves into impossible positions and to terrifying heights.

The strength and physicality of the performances are so far beyond anything else currently being performed in Australia that you will be begging for more as you hold your breath during the death defying stunts. As each trick becomes more elaborate (and more dangerous) the performers keep their cool, and their sense of fun. The delight the crew emitted from performing was their finest trait, the joy in which they performed, and the energy that seemed to flow from one to another as they seamlessly risked their lives for our entertainment.

The crew of musicians, dancers, acrobats, singers and magicians kept me spellbound for over an hour with their unimaginable and unforgettable performances. When you see something as unbelievable as the Tom Tom Crew it shakes you to your core and rattles your senses. These talented artists do just that to the audience, and then some. Through death defying acrobatics, insane artistic choreography and incredible feats of physical strength Tom Tom Crew takes you on a mind-blowing explosion of visual and aural magic.

Without a doubt, the best performance I have seen this year, and definitely the loudest!

2011 Melbourne Festival and Strut & Fret present
Tom Tom Crew

Venue: Forum Theatre, upstairs | Cnr Flinders & Russell Streets 154 Flinders Street Melbourne 3000
Dates: 4 – 23 Oct, 2011
Tickets: $25 – $48
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 723 038

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