BOND-A-RAMA!Well Mr Bond, 22 films later and we are still interested in your exploits. BOND-A-RAMA! directed by Russell Fletcher and performed by Lawrence Mooney, Emily Taheny, Stephen Hall and Michael Ward, expertly digests the plots of all 22 movies in the running time of a regular Bond film. 

as a performance is at its best when it is involved in physical recreations of the great Bond moments, such as skiing down a mountain side, parachuting off a cliff or having your car turn into a submarine (see The Spy who Loved Me for more on that). Overall the cast is strong and relish in their performance but particular mention must be made to Emily Tahney whose singing brings an extra dimension to the show, and help to recreate those Bond theme songs in parody – her cover of Sheena Easton’s “For Your Eyes Only” is a highlight sounding so much like original.

For most of BOND-A-RAMA!, the jokes are pitched just right, taking aim at the absurdity of the Bond films and the actors who played him. A particular highlight is a scene involving Goldfinger (Lawrence Mooney), Oddjob (Michael Ward) and Bond (Stephen Hall). However occasionally the humour is a little unnecessary and finds the easiest target, instead of striving for a little bit more.  One sequence has Sean Connery (Stephen Hall) explaining how he was re-cast in Diamonds are Forever after other actors had been tried (this included in real life, Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood) but the performers choosing to impersonate local Australian personalities (i.e. John Safran) took away from the potential of some better gags. In general BOND-A-RAMA! is at its best when it’s taking the mickey out all of the aspects of the Bond Franchise, the car chases, the ridiculous product placement and the ridiculous locations (a Space Station anyone?). Occasionally the jokes misfire, and the breaking of the fourth wall is completely unnecessary, but BOND-A-RAMA! like any Bond film is critic-proof. The audiences will go regardless and they’ll have a great time. And whether BOND-A-RAMA! is as good as Goldfinger or as bad as A View to a Kill (or for that matter the whole Roger Moore oeuvre) is up to you to decide.

Marnie Foulis and Scary Orphanage Productions present

Directed by Russell Fletcher

Venue: Chapel off Chapel 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran
Dates: 3 - 21 August, 2011
Times: Wed to Sat 8pm, Sunday 6pm
Tickets: $30 Full, $25 Concession & Wednesdays, $22 Previews
Bookings: | 03 8290 7000

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