This show was a mammoth undertaking. 27 numbers in 3 acts with a tour-de-force Queen encore (“Bohemian Rhapsody” featuring blitzkrieg a capella harmonies and staging).

The 6 artists were a mixed bag visually; assuming their “women of rock” personas in ripped fishnets, leather, leopard print and assorted bling.

Interestingly the show had no creative or credited director but was in the words of the amazingly talented and ever-employed Musical Director, Tim Cunniffe it was “a collaborative effort”.

This is where I had a problem. Like most, in fact almost all, the cabaret room aficionados I’m over 50 and my cabaret references are based around songs with a beginning, middle and end, like Cole Porter and Irving Berlin i.e. a storyline. Or else we go Weimar Republic and face the edgy consequences. Also great but a different kettle of fish.

This show fell into neither category. There were too many songs, too many singers for them each to have enough window of opportunity to showcase their prodigious talents.

There was also a plethora of contemporary songs which brought to mind the Lloyd-Webber syndrome of all sounding much the same and meandering on a bit too long.

That said, their ensemble work was a dream.

The 3rd act (theme: revenge) “He had It Coming” was riveting. Joyous in it’s lethal theme, I don’t think there was an audience member there who wasn’t hooting and hollering along to “Brass In Pocket”.

I have to do them justice and list the artists and their individual highlights. Not to do so seems unfair. There was so much effort and energy in this show.

But space shouldn’t permit, so this acknowledgement is really for each of them and to say excellent work and thank you for the amazing effort!

Analiasa Bell: “Don’t You Remember?”

Mia Brine: a diminutive gem with a blues voice to equal the late, much-lamented Amy Winehouse and a piano/ vocalist routine that makes Billy Joel look weak!

Sherry Ann Hayes: “Alone“ and the amazing ultimate rejection song “Fxxx You” brought the house down with a choral back up that was fantastic and so tightly delivered.

Julia Jenkins: “ Toxic”. Nuff said!

Sharon Wisniewski: “Last Day On Earth”. This woman brings a new dimension to the words earthy goddess.

The exquisitely beautiful, exotic Rhoda Lopez who stunned the room with the iconic “My Life Would Suck Without You”.

The band was fabulous and they all enjoyed the gig so much it was a pleasure to watch them work the room. They could hardly keep the smiles off their faces. Lovely stuff! Compliments to the sound desk also.

Tim Cunniffe, as always, superb, and his arrangements interesting and extraordinarily clever.

Tickets sold out....., but hold onto your hats for further work by two of these artistes; Julia Jenkins and Analisa Bell.

Cabaret Comedy - Carnivale
Le Grand Review Deux: Women Of Rock

Musical Director Tim Cunniffe

Venue: Downstairs At The Maj
Dates/Times: Wednesday 3, Thursday 4, Friday 5 & Saturday 6 August @ 7.30pm
Tickets: sold out
Bookings: BOCS Ticketing on 9484 1133

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