Perth Theatre Company has announced its Season One 2011 program in the Studio Underground at the newly opened State Theatre of Western Australia. Perth Theatre Company Artistic Director Melissa Cantwell revealed the program last night, which includes The Ugly One, Africa and The Pride.

On her program, Cantwell reveals “Season One 2011 highlights the importance of collaboration by creating a dialogue with some of the most interesting artists, companies and organisations from Perth, nationally and internationally. It’s connected, collaborative and it’s designed for you to see contemporary theatre at its best in a world-class venue.

Beginning with the explosive German satire The Ugly One by Marius Von Mayenberg we take a close up look at the contemporary obsession with beauty. Followed by the deeply moving Africa and the funny, surreal world of The Pride, it is a season that traverses the best and worst of human nature, that will surprise and entertain”.

Cantwell concludes, “Season One 2011 is a season of theatre for the heart and the mind — we are creating a sense of neighbourhood and global connectedness, breaking new ground for our emerging talent and I am so proud to present each of these works to you”.

In an unprecedented move for a West Australian arts company, Perth Theatre Company will launch it’s annual seasons in two halves. Newly appointed Perth Theatre Company General Manager Nic Clark explains:

Launching an annual program in two halves enables the Company to read the market, be reactive and most importantly, connect with our valued subscribers twice a year”.

Perth Theatre Company’s two annual programming seasons will be January to June and July to December.

Perth Theatre Company has also announced that international West Australian supermodel and actress, Gemma Ward, will be making her international stage debut in the Company’s first show for 2011. Ward will be flying home to Perth from New York to star in Perth Theatre Company’s production of satirical comedy The Ugly One by German playwright Marius Von Mayenberg.

Ward has also accepted an ambassadorial role for Perth Theatre Company:

“Stepping into my new role as an Ambassador for Perth Theatre Company is I believe, the beginning of an incredibly exciting and privileged” said Ward.

Perth Theatre Company Artistic Director, Melissa Cantwell has been catching up with Ward in Perth and New York over summer and the pair instantly clicked.

“The vision that Melissa Cantwell has regarding the company instantly enthralled me and I could do nothing but say yes. I am truly proud to be an Ambassador for Perth Theatre Company” said Ward.

“As a talented actor, icon of contemporary culture, and one of Perth’s most successful exports, Gemma Ward is a wonderful Ambassador for Perth Theatre Company. I am thrilled to have Gemma join the company in 2011 to make her international stage debut” said Cantwell.


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