Puppetry of the Penis - LIVE!Not for the faint hearted, Puppetry of the Penis is as the name suggests a full-frontal male nudity show where two men, David Friend and Nacho Regal, tie their genitalia in knots, all in the name of entertainment.

It was with some apprehension that I entered the auditorium along with all the other mostly female audience members who were already giggling merrily among themselves. Maybe they’d started the evening with a few drinks to get themselves in the mood or perhaps, like me, there was a tinge of nervousness to those laughs.

The show starts with an act by a female comedian, perfect for warming up the audience before they are “exposed” to the main event. Emma Zammit from Sydney did an excellent job of keeping the audience bemused as she accounted her impressions of Perth. No one was safe, from moustaches on females from Armadale, to Wanneroo markets and Sunday trading, she pointed out her hilarious observations of the city. Her delivery and comic timing was spot on.

After a short interval the dynamic duo appears on stage wearing long cloaks and tell the audience to get ready to “cock and roll.” A camera and large screen are in place, ready to capture their genital origami at close range so no one misses a trick. Then like a bandaid suddenly ripped off for minimum discomfort, the boys lose their capes and stand stark naked letting everyone have a good laugh at Regal’s private parts, said to resemble Snuffleupagus of Sesame Street fame.

Then they're off and you’re treated to an hour of fun and laughter as the boys show their various tricks featuring everything from the famous hamburger, to the painful looking windsurfer, cute baby joey and the brain. One of the tricks – the KFC – was enough to put you off fried chicken for life!

Some of the tricks even had my eyes watering, so pity the men that were there. Also spare a thought for the front row who got up close and personal with Friend as he leapt off stage into their laps or the very game woman who helped the men out on stage and got up close and personal with Regal’s genitalia.

There was even a special performance from a retired penis puppeteer who alarmingly jumped out of the audience to talk the crowd through how to do a dick trick. In case there were any males in the audience who fancied a share of the fame, the penis puppeteers announced that they were looking for new recruits who could go to the website to find out how to audition.

All in all a fun girl’s night out that was certainly a night to remember!

Puppetry of the Penis - LIVE!
Created by Simon Morley and David Friend

Venue: Burswood Theatre
Date: Friday 5th November, 2010
Time: 7.30pm
Bookings: Ticketek 132 849 | www.ticketek.com.au

Please note - Puppetry of the Penis is an adults-only, non-sexual show featuring full-frontal male nudity

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