Tenzin ChoegyalIn full swing, the OzAsia Festival in Adelaide is presenting creative renditions of various Asian cultural traditions placed in the context of Australian life. The Mystical Tibet Concert complements the program with an offering from a civilization famous for its rich spiritual heritage and sad recent history.

The concert presents the music of Tenzin Choegyal. Tenzin is the remarkable Australian who carries his Tibetan voice over mountains and continents to keep alive and rejuvenate an ancient nomadic tradition of music narration.

His style and technique are simple and straight. A rich in overtones male voice soars high, being able to reduce itself to whispers. It tells stories of love, soul searching and illuminated conversations with the Higher. Like a contemporary Homer, Tenzin accompanies himself by repeating the same rhythmic arpeggios on a plucked lute, his dramyin, his vocal lines interspersed with simple melodic interludes.

The viewers were captivated by the mystical powers of the chanting invocation, conducted by monks Jamyang Sherab and Karma Gyasey, and Tenzin’s music in the intimate Artspace Gallery. The concert included six songs and one instrumental piece, played on a wooden flute.

Tenzin introduced each song and proceeded to fall under its spell, taking with him about 100 people, including children. He invited them to sing along with the refrains. Here we had people from all walks of life, who had probably never heard this type of music or uttered words in Tibetan and Buddhist mantras, readily responding to Tenzin’s requests.

Music speaks a universal language. World music brings ethnic commonalities to the forefront by celebrating authentic languages of communication. Partaking in this spiritual narration, hearts were elevated, intellects stimulated and cultural wisdom transferred. What better way of focusing on peace and love than making music of the Tibetan tradition!

Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival
Tenzin Choegyal's Mystical Tibet Concert

Venue: Artspace
Date: 25 Sep, 2010
Time: 6.30pm
Duration: 1 hr
Tickets: Adult $25, Conc $20, Student $15
Bookings: BASS on 131 246

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