Little RedLittle Red, the Melbourne band last evening launched there latest single Rock It, in blistering style at the Prince Bandroom. A fully packed Bandroom watched the young band enthusiastically leap around the stage while they delivered their set.

The Little Red sound is reminiscent of many of the great British rock bands of the sixties, such as The Who, The Kinks, The Animals and even The Beatles. Whereas other bands have made these influences seem tired and clichéd, Little Red have found a way to embrace these sounds and make them uniquely their own.

The great strength of a band like Little Red is their strong musicianship and their vocal dexterity. It is so refreshing to see a band that has four very different singers who can each take the lead. Each band member has a distinct vocal sound that helps to distinguish their songs and really adds to the depth of the Little Red songbook.

Highlights from the set included a new song A Place Called Love (from their forthcoming sophomore album) which was delivered with gusto by Tom Hartney, Slow Motion sung beautifully by Adrian Beltrame, and Forget About Your Man as growled out by Quang Dinh. The encore It’s Alright left everyone in the audience energised and ended the show on a high note. 

Rock It, the single that was launched last night, is an infectious song that if there is any justice in the world will go to No. 1 on the charts somewhere. At the very least it should do very well in this years’ Triple J Hottest 100. It will be interesting to see where Little Red go next, Splendour in the Grass awaits them at the end of this month, and you can’t help but feel there are great things in store for this band. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Little Red

Venue: Prince Bandroom, Melbourne
Date/Time: Thursday 15 July, 2010
Bookings: Polyester Records | Greville Records | 03 9536 1168 |