He is outrageous, loves to rhyme and cross the politically correct line. In his first tour down under, he is unabashedly aiming to steal the comedic thunder. Before his debut, Anna Lozynski caught up with Stephen Lynch for The 3 Balloons Tour scoop and a continuing dose of his tongue in cheek.

Stephen LynchWhat can the audience expect from The 3 Balloons Tour?
Top level singing; Broadway calibre dancing; knee-slapping hilarity; old-timey yarn spinning; gut-wrenching drama; nail-biting suspense, wall-to-wall action and lots of below the belt type jokes.

It is your first tour to Australia (Melbourne and Sydney). What drove this decision?
I've always wanted to be on an airplane for 23 hours straight. Also, I received literally tens of emails from Australia, so I figured it was appropriate to check it out.

You have a massive online following. What have been in the challenges with translating your work for a live, stage show?
What you see online IS my live stage show. No translation necessary.

What made you use YouTube as a vehicle for promoting your talent?
It was all part of my master plan to get audience members across the world to use their shitty camera phones with bad audio to capture uneven performances of half-written songs and put them online for millions of people to judge.

You use rhyming in your lyrics. Do you ever feel lost for rhyming words?
Of course. That's why I have a rhyming dictionary. Scary. Very. Wary. Dairy. See? It works!

How has being the son of a former nun and priest influenced your work?
Knowing a lot about something makes it easier to lampoon. There is a good amount of religious references and imagery in my songs, about which my parents always got a kick.

What is your most memorable moment from when you were first starting out in small clubs in New York by night, while holding down several offices jobs as a temp, by day?
Those days are a hazy, drunken, toxic blur to me now. Not sleeping for weeks at a time, constantly writing fresh new material between naps at my horrible day job, then the electric thrill of hitting the stage at night, bending the will of the audience as I pleased, row upon row of people, their faces contorted with laughter, hanging with all the guys, Robin, Jerry, Reiser, Belzer, Romano and Leifer. Oh wait! Those are Larry Miller's most memorable moments.
{xtypo_quote_right}I've always wanted to be on an airplane for 23 hours straight. Also, I received literally tens of emails from Australia, so I figured it was appropriate to check it out{/xtypo_quote_right}
Which individual has consistently been your source of inspiration and admiration?
Christopher Guest

Do you have a pre-performance ritual?
I smoke. A lot.

Lastly, we know you’re a fan of YouTube. So, Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook and Twitter are both soul-sucking and evil. How can I choose? I guess Facebook. Yes. I, Stephen Lynch, choose Facebook.

Stephen Lynch performs in Melbourne, August 6 and Sydney, August 7, 2010. Further details»

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Top Right - Stephen Lynch. Photo - Brian Friedman / B-Freed

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