The Transposed ManThe Transposed Man is part of collection of five of Melbourne’s best One Man shows, produced for the Fringe at the Dog Theatre by Peta Hanrahan. A show conceived and performed by Ross Daniels (best known for being a core cast member in the hit show, Spontaneous Broadway) The Transposed Man is an outlet for Ross to test his versatility and flex his comic-character-creation muscle.

From crusty old men to the new breed of teen, eccentric alter egos to a two-faced voice-over director, Ross moves from character to character with aplomb, also playing the actor recording the voice-over, asked to try a number of different voices – faster, slower, younger, older – the pace is frenetic and each character is dynamic and completely distinctive.

Beautifully directed by Glenn Perry, with additional directorial consultancy from Peter Houghton, the evening is slick, the production simple (perfect touring show) and Daniels’ performance is outstanding.

I did, on the odd occasion, ask myself ‘why’. Why did that bit lead to that? How does that bit tie in there? What was the bit about the experiment? Did I miss something or did he just break into song?

Does it matter?

In the program notes, it states: ‘who is the Transposed Man? Is he me? Is he you? Or is he just a way of linking several unrelated character sketches?’ Ultimately, that’s the show. As much as Ross tries to connect the dots, make links and justify characters being in the show, the scenes are unrelated, the plot couldn’t be much thinner and characters have very little connection with each other. None of which takes away from the fact that Ross Daniels is a talented, versatile performer and writer, reminiscent of the extraordinary range of strange faces and funny voices of Rowan Atkinson.

The Transposed Man will be a highlight of this year’s Fringe Festival. Don’t miss it.

The Dog Theatre Inc. presents

All Excellent Men - The Transposed Man

Venue: The Dog Theatre, Footscray
Preview: 24 Sept, 2009
Dates: 25 Sep - 9 Oct, 2009
Times: Thur 24th Sept, Sat 3rd & Wed 7th Oct - 9.30pm
Frid 25th & Tues 29th Sept, Thurs 8th Oct - 8pm
Sat 26th & Wed 30th Sept, Fri 9th Oct - 6.45pm
Excluding Sun/Mo
Tickets: Preview $20, Conc $20, Full $25, Group $20, Tightarse Tues $20
Bookings: Festival Tix: 03 9660 9666 or

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