A Narrow Time for Angels | The Store RoomDeciding to shift its focus three years ago from performance presentation to work in development, Store Room Theatre has reopened its doors in 2009 with unquestionable success. After moving the venue into a company of 11 artistic associates, The Store Room model now focuses on the continuing development of these artists, providing a nurturing environment for artistic expression and experimentation.

A Narrow Time For Angels opens their 2009 season and with its engaging storyline, bitingly sharp direction and exceptional performances, Store Room Theatre proves once again they are one of Melbourne’s premier independent theatre hubs.

This compelling and delightfully dark play is the creation of Cerise De Gelder, an undoubtedly superb playwright in the making. With a strong list of writing credits already behind her, De Gelder has a knack of crafting simple, yet clever pieces of theatre. Her tale of three young women facing their crossroads is an insightful breath of fresh air, with an absurd mix of honesty and humour.

The play opens on Maggie (Marcella Russo) breaking in to a morgue to clear up unfinished business with her dead ex-girlfriend, Bliss (Georgine Naidu). Her quest to cut off the dead woman’s finger seems simple enough however Maggie’s mission soon takes a turn when Bliss refuses to go quietly. Adding to her growing complications is the attendance of morgue worker Sam, (Hayley Butcher) who arriving for her routine autopsy is startled to find the equally petrified stranger holding a knife. Desperate to stop Sam phoning the police, Maggie begins to play out the bizarre events that led her there with a simmering journey of love, betrayal, revenge and a result that ensures all three women will never be the same again.

The show thrives on the incredibly strong and consistent performances. With their impeccable comic timing and mature emotional responses, the three actresses compliment each other beautifully whilst skillfully handling the quirky script with ease.

Their rich and flawless performances are aided superbly by director Lucy Freeman, with her innate ability to explore and elicit the vast contradictions of any character. She utilises each inch of the small space to cleverly disentangle the script - layer by layer - to reveal a deeply woven plot.

This intimate space provides the perfect home for Naomi Wong’s set design of the city morgue, while the constant use of measuring cups and medical instruments for crockery is an abundant source of black humour. The lighting and sound design from the respective Paul Hawthorne and Sandy Milne is subtle, yet extremely effective and works perfectly to compliment the underplayed script and performances.

There is no doubt that The Store Room is back and better than ever. If this performance is any indication, book your seats now for the entire season. This work is raw, moving and downright funny, not to mention an outstanding representation of the thriving independent theatre scene in Melbourne.

The Store Room presents
A Narrow Time for Angels

Venue: The Store Room | 1st Floor Parkview Hotel, Cnr Scotchmer St & St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy
Dates: Tuesday 7 – Sunday 19 July
Times: Tue – Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm, No show 13 & 14 June
Tickets: Full: $23 Conc: $18, Group (8+): $18
Bookings: Easytix or 03 9639 0096

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