Arj Barker's Original Style Bits & Pieces In 2009, Melbourne's International Comedy Festival is once again jam-packed to the rafters with comedians from all over, doing anything and everything they can to vie for the attention of audiences and the comic dollar.

And once again, no one gives more bang for their buck than American comic Arj Barker. This is not Arj's first festival, and given his presence on popular television shows like Rove, Thank God You're Here and even Flight of the Concords, his profile and popularity is ever increasing.

Arj's strength is observational comedy. His familiarity with (and genuine affection for) Australian people, locations, past-times, euphemisms, biases and prejudices coupled with his wry wit and ability to state the obvious, in the most unexpected way, provides him with the tools to genuinely connect with Aussie audiences.

They loved it.

His commentary on our habits, loves, hates and obsession of iPhones, was honest and genuinely funny. Arj has the likeability to reach audiences and the experience and control of a seasoned comedian to give them the laughs they come looking for.

It's hard to believe Arj's routine is scripted and rehearsed (though I'm sure he leaves some room to chop and change material as the mood suits), when it comes across like you're having a beer with the guy and he's telling you about a bunch of stuff like it happened on the way to the venue.

If you feel like a big laugh, Arj Barker is sure to entertain.

Mary Tobin presents
Arj Barker's Original Style Bits & Pieces

Venue: Melb Town Hall - Main Hall | Cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, Melbourne
Dates: 2 - 25 April
Times: Tue-Sat 9pm, Sun 5 8pm (no show Sat 18)
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: Full $30, Concession $28; Full Fri & Sat $34, Conc Fri & Sat $31
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 | at the door

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