Calling All Playwrights!

Script Entries for Short+Sweet Melbourne 2008, Short+Sweet Sydney 2009 and Short+Sweet Brisbane 2009 are now open.

Entries are now open for the largest ten-minute play festival in the world – Short+Sweet - and the good news for playwright’s is if they enter before August 4th they can enter three festivals for the price of one.

By entering before August 4th, plays will automatically be considered for Short+Sweet Melbourne 2008, Short+Sweet Sydney 2009 and Short+Sweet Brisbane 2009! All for the one entry fee of just AUS$15.

To enter a play writers simply go to:

Every year Short+Sweet presents the best ten minute plays from all over the world, helping to launch the careers of hundreds of playwrights. Writers to have their work performed at Short+Sweet include Daniel Keene, Ross Mueller, Justin Fleming, Brendan Cowell, Hilary Bell, Christopher Johnson, Vanessa Bates, Jono Gavin, Wayne Tunks, Tom Holloway, Suzie Miller, Drew Fairley, Benito di Fonzo and Mary Rachel Brown.

One playwright whose career was given an enormous boost by Short+Sweet is Alex Broun.

After three years running Melbourne Short+Sweet at the Arts Centre, Alex has returned to again act as Artistic Director of Short+Sweet Sydney in 2009. He will then be looking after the first ever Short+Sweet in Brisbane in March the following year.

“Short+Sweet greatly helped me to develop my skills in writing for the theatre,” he said. “As a playwright, the only way I believe you can truly learn about the craft of writing for the stage is to see your work brought to life by actors in front of an audience. Short+Sweet gives writers that chance and allows them to learn more about the art of playwrighting in a supportive and inspiring environment.”

Short+Sweet also raised the profile of new playwrights by exposing their work to a large audience.
“Before Short+Sweet I had been lucky enough to have a number of my plays performed,” said Broun. “But Short+Sweet has helped me get much more exposure for my work not only in Australia but overseas. I now have had almost 150 productions of over 35 of my ten minute plays right across the globe in countries as diverse as South Africa, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Singapore. One of my plays – 10,000 cigarettes – which began life at Sydney Short+Sweet in 2006 - has now had over 25 productions across the globe, including being produced in 15 different states of the US and 3 states of Canada.”

“Short+Sweet has helped me, and many other playwrights, to become established and now people from all across the world visit my website every day to read and perform my work. I know that somewhere in the world right now someone is rehearsing or performing a play by Alex Broun – and for a playwright that’s a great feeling. I would not have achieved that without Short+Sweet.”

Short+Sweet playwrights are free to write about whatever they want, however they want. There are no restrictions on style, cast size or themes at Short+Sweet. The only proviso is that plays must be ten minutes long or less. 

For those interested in learning more about how to write a ten minute play, or wanting to develop one already written, Short+Sweet will soon be running more of its highly successful ten minute playwrighting courses.  To inquire about this, write direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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