Sammy J's Wagon of FriendshipFor the naively unaware, musical comedian Sammy J has made a quite a name for himself in the international comedy scene since debuting in 2003. His brilliantly accurate musical timing as well as his sharp wit has seen him gain rave reviews from here to Adelaide, Edinburgh and beyond. Still charged from The 2008 Age Critics Award taken out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sammy J delivers again with this delightful treat, Sammy J’s Wagon of Friendship.

What’s most endearing about Sammy J, is how genuinely personable he is with each member of the audience. After opening his show with a humorous list of instructions that we need in order to board this wagon of friendship, it is clear his objective is to make damn sure that you are enjoying yourself. What follows in this hour of fun, is nothing short of a random quest to 7/11, unbeatable trivia and a hilarious meditation session that conquered my fear of marsupials residing on my right shoulder.

This is a brilliant mix of stand up and cabaret, with the musical numbers deriving from his amusing experiences or ideas. While traditionally in cabaret the background information to a song generally causes a break in the cohesiveness, not to mention intense boredom; it was an actual pleasure to gain this insight, and his impeccable timing only added to the laugh out loud factor of each number. At one point, Sammy J reminisces about the time he played a song at a retirement village, only to be met with the response of blank and horrified stares. As he begins to belt out the refreshingly cheeky, ‘Fingering Song’, one begins to howl with laughter at the thought of the 80 year old woman’s face, sitting dazed in the front row.

With the ever consistent audience interaction as well as surprise guest appearance from German exercise freak Hans, Sammy J sums up this show himself as ‘A humble gathering of friends.’ And after being fortunate enough to land myself in this ‘gathering’, I feel honoured to be a friend to this delightfully funny and almost deliciously edible comedian. His vast musical ability along with his enormous acting talent all pave their way to a funny and endearing comedian, who likes to make it very clear that there is no place he would rather be than sharing a night with a piano, a juice box and what I can only call, his newest-found friends.

Sammy J's Wagon of Friendship

Venue: The Butterfly Club | 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne
Dates: Thursday 29 – Saturday 31 May
Times: 9.00 pm
Duration: one hour approx
Tickets: $25 full / $20 concession and for groups of 8 or more

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