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Busting Out! | AG ProductionsBusting Out! started as D-Cuppetry in the 2006 Comedy Festival. You’re back again at the Comedy Festival this year with an extensive regional tour planned. Can you tell us about the show?
Well at its heart, Busting Out! celebrates the magnificent breast through comedy. Tit Bits, Tit Skits and Tit Tricks. There’s something for everyone.

What’s changed since the first season?
It started out as a little bitty titty show in 2006 and has since become a major theatrical event with singing, dancing, characters and the most important thing…a massive screen which turns us from a DD into a ZZ!

Where did the idea for Busting Out! come from?
As a writer I’ve always believed (and been advised by other writers) that you should write what you know. And I know breasts! For a lot of my life I’ve had people yell at me “Show us your Tits!” So I figured, why the hell not? In 2005 I was putting together a cabaret about breasts and as the idea progressed I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, there was something more I could do. Something that was a bit taboo and that, as far as I knew, wasn’t being done anywhere else. So the idea for Busting Out! was born. 

Have your parents/friends/relatives seen the show? What do they make of it?
My entire group of friends and my family are all incredibly supportive (pardon the pun). Everyone in my family has seen the show, apart from my brother-in-law and one of my younger brothers. I think it’s just a little bit too weird for them but they still love what I’m doing. My brother actually tells his friends to “go and see my sister’s breasts”. Now that’s support. 

My friends are all equally excited by what I’m doing so I’m incredibly blessed to have the family and friends that I have! 

Do people come up to you wanting to suggest new tricks for the show?
To be honest…no. I think we pretty much cover it all and most people are blown away by what we can do. I do know that women have gone home and tried some of the tricks in the privacy of their own homes, which is quite the homage!!  

Are there any tricks you’ve had to leave out of the show?
Absolutely not! If we can do it it’s in! In fact, for this year’s tour we’ve actually come up with a whole new set of tricks. Always thinking…always feeling.

There’s an obvious comparison between Busting Out! and Puppetry of the Penis. Does it take a particular personality type to perform in this kind of show?
Well I am actually quite a modest person. Believe it or not! But I’ll tell you that the big reveal is the most empowering moment. There is nothing like the feeling of hundreds of people cheering and clapping your breasts. So I would simply say that if there were women who had the right attributes but were a little shy, the moment they got the kit off they would feel the power of release!!!!

Do you think this sort of ‘genital origami’ to coin a phrase, is a particularly Australian trait?
It does seem that Aussies certainly have the knack with body parts that’s for sure. I wonder whether people from other countries think we sit around during our Sunday BBQ’s fiddling with our bits??? 

The guys from Puppetry of the Penis have franchises around the world and are currently celebrating a decade of performing. Do you have similar franchising plans?
Oh yes! My breasts are going to take over the world! The way I see it the market is huge for this show...if you have breasts or know someone who does – Busting Out! is for you.

Busting Out! | AG ProductionsCan you see yourselves doing this in ten years? (Will the tricks have to change?)
I love this show so it’s not hard to see myself doing it in ten years. In fact the “Flopability Factor” will be greater by then so we can potentially add even more tricks.

When POTP first started out, they copped a bit of flak, indeed they were banned in some places. Did/do you get any similar criticism? OR do you get fan mail? (or both!?)
Australia has loved Busting Out! We’re a great bunch of people who love giving something a go. I think we’re deconstructing the fantasy that surrounds the perfect boob, which intrigues everyone. We have received some great comments and feedback at www.myspace.com/busting_out

What’s next for you?
At the moment it’s Boobs, Boobs, Boobs and more Boobs. But I do have another original comedy show that I’m currently working on for a 2009 debut!

Are bosoms in or out this year?
IN, IN, IN…which is why I’m getting mine…OUT, OUT, OUT!

Busting Out! will be touring Victorian and NSW

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