Short Sweet+Song is back!

The musical version of the world’s biggest short play festival is back for 2008 and is calling for entries.

Last year, Short Sweet+Song’s stunning debut was a sell-out success. Under the curatorship of Michael Huxley (ONLY HEAVEN KNOWS, FALSETTOS,  BOYBAND, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS- THE MUSICAL)  and  Bev Kennedy (MD on SS+S 07,  LISTEN TO MY HEART,  PUTTING IT TOGETHER plus a member of the music departments of BILLY ELLIOT, LION KING, FAME, WE WILL ROCK YOU, CATS and CHICAGO) this year’s festival  will be held for two weeks at the Seymour Centre from 24 March 2008 following  the conclusion of Short+Sweet play festival.

This year, to make it a little easier to enter, writers/composers may submit their libretto online and post the score and a CD (or even cassette) containing two (2) of the songs from their piece.
The songs do not have to be fully produced and can be a rough demo.

The score needs to be at minimum a vocal line and chords but ideally a piano/vocal score. Provided that the score and recording is on its way the submission of the libretto will ensure the entry will be considered.

Last year’s season – directed by Avigail Herman - was a huge hit and featured works by Melvyn Morrow and David Mitchell, Tom Taylor and Simon Barlow, Anthony Costanzo and Joanna Weinberg with directors Stuart Maunder, Will Conyers, Andrew Davidson, Neil Gooding and Danielle O’Keefe among others. Stars of these mini musicals included Trish Noble, Lucy Durack, Gerry Connolly, Natalie Gamsu, Nick Christo, hayden Tee, Sun Park, Nick Simpson-Deeks and Wayne Scott Kermond.

Important Dates
Closing dates for librettos: 14 December 2007
All materials must reach Short + Sweet: 31 December 2007
Selection Process/ Creative teams: January 2007
Auditions: Late January 2008
Siztprobes: week commencing 18 March 2007 (Easter Week)
Festival Dates: 24 March – 5 April (Opening Night 26/27 March)

• The running time has to be 10-minutes or less…  and music takes more stage time than talking;
• Subjects are unlimited - politics, dating, family, passion, monsters, zombies, religion… anything;
• The style not prescribed - drama, comedy, tragedy, romance, thriller, opera, jazz, rock, broadway… what is important is that the music is integral to the telling of the story;
• You don’t have to be an experienced writer - absolutely anyone can enter;
• The script must not have had a public performance in Sydney (NSW, Australia) before;
• The form is best served by the working of a single idea;
• Other than the 10-minute form there’s no theme for the competition - all we’re looking for are the best 10 scripts, no matter whether they are written by seasoned professionals or first time playwrights
Entry is $15 per script and on a voluntary basis. Plays are assessed anonymously so please do not include your name or address on your script.

To post an entry, download the form at the Short Sweet+Song site at and post along with payment to:
Short+Sweet, PO Box 462, Newtown NSW 2042

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