Gala FlamencaFlamenco aficionados beware. Gala Flamenca is a polished and provocative showcase of everything truly, madly and deeply flamenco. It celebrates, deliciously, the famous Spanish musical genre and improvised dance form which originated from Andalusia and which is characterised by the wrist driven hand movements and the complicated heel and toe footwork. This technically impressive company comprised of three males and two females, who are both dancers as well as choreographers, masterfully deliver the soul and passion required for flamenco.  

Manuel Liñán’s solo is conceptually innovative as he flamencos to the sound of a man seductively speaking Spanish; it is chic, sexy and overwhelmingly physical as his entire body vibrates along with his feet.  Donned in a pink suit with a black scarf, which he manages to dance off, he is nothing short of impressive.  Of the females, Olga Pericet is most athletic, effortlessly shifting the long tail of her layered nad pink frilled traditional flamenco dress while she brews a rhythmic storm with her feet.  Belén Maya is controlled and wise in her solo, but does not otherwise feature in the various group sequences. Daniel Doña is sensual in his castanet feature, dressed in a transparent black shirt and satin pants. Of the three male dancers, Marco Flores is particularly arrogant and fiery, but justifiably so. 

Hamer Hall perfectly captures the rhythmic sound of each dance sequence, whether it is performed a capella, accompanied by the cante (Jesús Corbacho and José Anillo), or in combination with the talented percussionist (Sergio Martínez) and guitarists (Arcadio Marín and Antonio Jiménez). Indeed, the interplay between the stomping beats, the slamming of heels and the percussive accents is acoustically spectacular. The guitar notes are crisp and the pulse of the palmas (Ana Romero and Natalia González) tenacious. The lighting gives the sequences intimacy, tracing their emotional subtleties, and catches the sweat dripping off the back of the boys’ hair, evidence of their commitment, suffering and enjoyment of the stage.

The encore is playful as the company breaks out in an improvised round of flamenco. This production is tasteful, flamboyant and practically faultless. Olé!

Andrew Kay and David Vigo in association with the NEW YORK and LONDON FLAMENCO FESTIVALS present
Gala Flamenca

Venue: the Arts Centre | Hamer Hall
Dates: 2 & 3 Nov
Bookings: Ticketmaster
1300 136 166

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