Sport & Art Collide at Carclew

Covering the historic Carclew Youth Arts building in North Adelaide in red and white, it’s clear we’re getting right behind our local team, the North Adelaide Roosters in this Sunday’s SANFL Grand Final.

As a local North Adelaide business, we are proud to support our local team in their first grand final since 1991. We would encourage everyone in the areas of the grand finalists to show their support for their local team and community by decorating their shop, business or home in the Bulldogs’ or Roosters’ colours.

The timing is perfect with Carclew’s current holiday program themed, ‘Sport and Art Collide’. Holiday Program Manager Georgina James said, “Art is more than sitting and drawing a picture. It’s about being active through, dancing, circus skills and movement, all of which young people can learn through Carclew’s Holiday Program’ Ms James continues, ‘These arts based skills are ones that can extend into everyday life and encourage young people to get active through the arts for a healthy mind and body’

The Carclew Youth Arts Holiday Program, Sport and Art Collide, runs through until Friday 12 October.

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