Tango Fire

Tango FireLeft - Mauricio Celis & Ines Cuesta. Cover - Pablo Sosa & Mariela Maldonado

Far away from the Argentine underground and inside Café del Tango is this technical showcase of the various styles of tango, from earlier traditional versions danced in 2/4 time to the more fashionable styles danced in 4/4 time.

From Buenos Aires, Tango Fire delivers a highly commercial production of el arte del arrabal, the art of tango. Across two Acts, the audience is exposed to the staccato action of feet moving quickly in a snatching and reactive fashion characteristic of the tango. Complex choreography inhabits each routine and is made more impressive by the athleticism of the talented cast. Recoveries from the few falters during some of the challenging throws were smooth. Each Act contained stand out routines filled with enjoyable arrogance and grit.  However, the net result would have been far more penetrating with an injection of soul and passion behind the movement.

The female dancers endure an assortment of costumes changes in varying colors textures together with matching heels. There was an abundance of plunging necklines, short slits, slick hair, glitter and fishnet stockings wrapped around toned calves. The contemporary four piece band held its own in its 'solo' acts, and accentuated each kick and ankle-knee-hip twist. Although the solo Argentinean singer added authenticity and drama, fewer such interludes would not have gone unnoticed. 

While Tango Fire masters the physical expression of the different styles of tango, the uneven bursts of sauciness and smuttiness amongst the repertoires detracts from its sizzling potential.

Estampas Pertenas
Tango Fire

Venue: the Arts Centre | State Theatre
Dates: 14 - 19 August
Times: Tues - Sat @ 8pm; Matinee Say @ 2pm
Tickets: $39 - $99
Bookings: 1300 136 166 or www.theartscentre.net.au

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