Jeremy BoutsakisWho could fail to be transformed by thought leader, Jeremy Boutsakis? Of course, the thoughts he'll lead you to, via the garden path, are simultaneously terrifying and hilarious. 

His sometimes thinly, sometimes thickly-veiled takes, on a world gone stark raving, are evoked with stinging irony as the branding tool. 

God only knows, Australia is caught horribly short, when it comes to leading conceptual entrepreneurs, especially, but not only,  in conservative politics. Which is why Boutsakis is a man for his time; my time; your time; our time; a good time! 

This laudable, compact conference for sole traders, which, at that last comedic moment, we each, finally, realise we are, recapitulates, with some worthwhile, topical innovations, the formula for laugh-a-minute success so bravely pioneered at Newtown Theatre some little time ago, to similarly part-capacity houses. 

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, those who weren't there really missed out. 

Fortunately, you've till the end of the financial year to discern the sheer bottle of the JB genius. 

His revolutionary ideas on Time Tithing, in which one relinquishes a percentage of self-pleasuring in deference to social glue (vessel provided) is life-changing, belly-aching stuff. 

Even the twice-named young Irish woman, Natasha Louise, who happened upon the experience by way of a confusing taxiride to a non-existent, nearby comedy club, 'though, ostensibly, utterly perplexed, will, little doubt, find, given time and due diligence, the product within. Let's hope so, anyway. Other uncredited, spontaneously contributing 'delegates', such as itinerant pedant, 'Ah, Chris', a stickler for correct nomenclature re Australian natives, and mouthing-off Matt, may yet find their comic niche, as easily as a more elderly attendee found his way, across the stage area, to comic and urinary relief.

As Boutsakis himself says, if this doesn't change your life, there really is something wrong. Similarly, if this doesn't make you laugh, and think, there really is something wrong.

The inventor of Piece of String will soon take his proven SWOT analysis and bespoke products (including 'non secateurs', for the cryptic gardener) to Edinburgh fringe, which should prove a natural home for the guru to whom other gurus turn.
Again, to paraphrase the man himself, this winter edition will warm all who love, or hate, conferencing, self-help, marketing, and ‘death by powerpoint’.

- An Inaugural Traditional Event -

Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney
8-29 June
Fri & Sat 10pm, Sun 8pm
9294 4296

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